Slate of Mind: Aashka Goradia

by Meenakshi Negi, posted October 07, 2012 at 7:04 am

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People have seen enough of me raising eyebrows and playing a vamp. In Bigg Boss they will get to see more of me

Popular television actress, Aashka was full of positivity as she was just about to enter the Bigg Boss' house. She shares her state of mind at the final moment before getting locked for three months.

  • I will be honest to myself
  • I won't shy away in expressing my feelings
  • I am dying to see the rest of the housemates
  • I don't have any strategies, just a set of rules for myself
  • I am going inside with a clean slate of mind.

169 17
@ashish30sharma Hope u leverage RR recognition n success of #jdj7 while still fresh in public n industry minds..create acting opp in movie☺
RT @IshikaaJaggi: Love watching #jdj7 again!! @karantacker u rock!♥
Love watching #jdj7 again!! @karantacker u rock!♥
@zoinxy @onlyforashish @Raagmaand @shilpa29patel @ashish30sharma I thot AS did #jdj7 to better prepare for movies..else wat use is dance?😮😆
RT @Roymouni: Press Con #JDJ7 me and my supersonic partner😇😇😇
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