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Being from Punjab, would you ever like to act in a Punjabi movie? Did you ever talk in Punjabi with Niketan? And who are your favourite Punjabi singers?
Vishal Karwal
My 1st punjabi film released in May and i have more films coming up and I dont think Niketan is Punjabi
Jalal Khan
Hi Vishal You Are So Cute And I Like Your Smile My Question For You Is Is Rajev Behavour Wrong On Imam and whom Do Remember The Most In The House And Whom You Think Can Win Bigg Boss 6 Title
Vishal Karwal
Rajev picks up fights just to get footage. Imam is also right sometimes so i dont think he should fight without reason
Manoj Bhandari
hi vishal..do u think tht niketan is very intelligent..and that is why girls r attracted to him..coz i have seen in live footage that whenever niketan used to talk u had very little to say..does that mean tht u were a bit threatened by niketan intellectual ability coz u didn't hav much to say..btw niketan is also an engineer !!
Vishal Karwal
Niketan is a very intelligent guy. Most of the times he talks about the moons and stars. im not insecure about Niketan. Cant compare 2 guys
hey vishal which day was your greatest&unforgettable day in the house ? u9 i have stopped watching bb after your eviction...;)
Vishal Karwal
Dont do that..please kep watching Bigg Boss. Greatest day was when I went out on a date so that would be the most memorable
Taha Khan
Assalamualikum. vishal bhai. i m taha frm pakistan mera apse ye sawal hy k ap imam ko itna bura q samajte ho wo dil m burai rakhne wala insan nai hy or jo burai rakhne wala insaan hy apke lye wo rajeev hy wo apke peche apka dushman bana hua tha lekin shyd apko pata nai or ap imam k peche 24 hrs pare huwe thy sub log lekin apne ashka or delnaz ko ek word tk nai kaha jinho ne apke khilaf sana k kaan bhare hn agar bura kehna hy tou ap ashka delnaz or rajeev ko bolo lekin imam ko nahi bcuz imam dil ka bht nice person hy...
Vishal Karwal
Mujhe Imam se personal problem nahi nahi. Wo kabhi achhe hote hai aur bina wajah ladte the. He's very entertaining also.
I love your dimples vishal :) And I wish u didn't get eliminated .Don't you feel that sana is playing the right game in the show and she can be the winner .She knows that the audience will like the Sweet and a full of life girl and moreover she calls herself LB(legally blonde) but I personally think she is the smartest of all in the house and she is playing like the tortoise (slow and steady wins the race).
Vishal Karwal
I dont think you can act in the house for 80 days. Sana is the same as she is in real life and she deserves to win
Pinkpantherloa Loa
do you know that salman khan love sana khan and will marry her?
Vishal Karwal
Ill let them decide
Vishaal Who Will Win From Delnaaz And Urvashi?\n
Vishal Karwal
Urvashi will win but Delnaaz win kare to ill feel good
Prathamesh Khot
Hii vishal aap kaise ho ??? ab mera sawaal hai aapke hisaab se ghar me sabse acha aur bura Gamer ko hai aur kya aapko Rajev pe gussa aata hai ??/
Vishal Karwal
Sabse achhi game Niketan khel raha hai. Sabse bura Imama hai kyuki agar wo game khel raha hai to roz uthke bola nahi chahiye. I was angry with Rajev but abhi taras aata hai. Wo 42 years ke hai to he shud geta good girl after he gets out who can handle him
Vishal do you have a nickname that your friends and family call you? Love you hope to meet you one day when I come to india
Vishal Karwal
I do have a nickname but im not telling it. But most of my friends call me Vishu