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naima khan
Hi Sana, you were so good and bubbly all through your journey and the ONLY thing that went against you was what you did with RAJEV all the time.... I mean there were many others who would have given time to you, but it was always Rajev and he was basking in the lime light because of you... What do you have to say about that...
Sana Khan
Naima..as a friend im telling u..he's not like that. he'll stand by you always. Shayad he was projected wrongly outside. i had only 3 friends. but i used to talk to everyone.
Hi sana, Im farah from Paksiatn, please tell me what was your most fav moment in BB house and most disliked moment in BB6! All the best to you sana, I hope to see alot of you in movies and Tv! Love u sana !
Sana Khan
My favourite moment was when i entered the house. Bohot weird tha, door khula and Bigg Boss ka logo dekha. The feeling was indescribable. Itna bada khoobsurat ghar. Itne bade ghar main i was like Jerry. Most disliked moments were jab maine friends ko support kiya aur unhone mujhe backstab kiya. Main saamne and peeche bhi acchi thi but unhone aisa nahi kiya. But i learnt a lot.
hi sana... love u for the kind of person u r... u never hurted any1 on the show and supported all ur frnz... i am a big fan of u and vishal... u both share a very cute bond.... u can forgive ur frnd for wt he said after 1st eviction as he was hurt at that time since u were not speaking to him.... after his 2nd eviction and in his live chat he said good things abt u so i think u can forget n forgive him for all the bad memories.. and keep only good memories with u and continue ur friendship wid him.... plz b frnz wid vishal.. as both will b equally hurt if this friendship breaks... love u and best of luck for ur future....
Sana Khan
Im not hurt at all. Im happy for the eye opener. I believe in forgive and forget. SO i have forgiven and forgotten the problem and Vishal along with it! Unhone mere liye jobhi action liya hai...actions speak louder than words and I cant go back to people like them
Anushka Rajput
Do you think Delnaaz was a more deserving contestant to win the show like she claimed during her fight with urvashi?
Sana Khan
Main khud chahti thi ki Delnaaz jeete. I wanted her to win, Im very young, mere paas bohot waqt hai kaam karne ke liye. She was deserving
Usman Jamil
Hello Beautiful Sana Khan .... I really like your and aashiqa sister relationship with each other, it was very cute , i hope u do continue being sister's to each other, I do also appreciate u praying at night Good Always Bless you , i want to know , hve u been in touch in Delnaaz and aashiqa after bigg boss ? \nthanks ... take care , \nUsman From Pakistan
Sana Khan
Aashka is my sister so wo lifelong continue hogi. Aaj raat mere honour main party hai. Main Rajev, Delnaaz, Aaska, Sayantani party karne wale hai!
Who do u think the hottest among rajiv,viishal aseem and niketan ?
Sana Khan
Aseem was cute..Hot is Salman~!
Hi sana ! Im Farah Raza, I used to see you during the live feed, making rotis with ashu in the morning :) Do u do the same in your house now? How was the first day at home when you woke up without the morning alarm! and please tell me what is the ONE thing you miss most about the BB house! Im your biggest fan sana
Sana Khan
Maine kabhi 150 rotiyan nahi banayi! i can be a good housewife too. Mera ghar 1000 sd ft ka hai BB house 20,000 sq ft ka hai. Mera bas chale to main aur 3 months jaake rahu
Sana Khan
Im feeling good. Im not disoriented inside and outside. Im missing the house but im very stable and happy. Im with my true friends
hii sana.loved you on the show. do u think urvashi deserved to win the show?
Sana Khan
Hamesha har kisi ki burai kar rahi thi. Mere liye bhi bohot bura bola. But she was very negative. Last 3 weeks main i was talking to her and she said i never nominated you. But when i came out i saw ki unhone mujhe bohot nominate kiya. Agar aap itne honest hai to aapko sach bolna chahiye. ab mujhe 50-50 lag raha hai about her wining
hey sana, this is farheen from canada, i really wanted u to win but its ok koi gal nahi \ni know i have no right to say anything to u about ur personal life but i just want to say as a viewer what i was inappropriate from rajeev's side, ab achi tarhan se to tum use janti ho main nahi..but still ek viewer ki hesiat se keh rahi hoon ke uski intentions theek nahi lagien....baaki all up to u. delnaz wants the best for u..she will never tell u not to talk to rajeev but i know she wants to bcuz she knows him...anyway thats a different story ... u r gorgeous and i hope to see u in salman's next film :) best of luck from canada
Sana Khan
Thank u. Mujhe khushi ho rahi hai ki Canada main bhi mujhe koi pehchanta hai. Im thankful that you guys are giving me your time. You meet many people in your life. Jin logon ko main pasand karti hoon unhe pasand na karne wale log bhi hai and vice versa. Main Rajev ko bola hai ki i think he's a nice man. I dont know how he is in the outside world. Unhone mre liye achhi intention se kiya. I can sacrifice Rajev for Delnaaz and vice versa. Bigg Boss was a big moment and these 3 made it a great journey. Baahar bhi main dosti nibhaungi