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Mahek Ahmed
Did you say that you were huge fan of SK now or not anymore??? I heard but can't blv so kindly answer
Kushal Tandon
Bachpan se unka fan hoon...ab bhi hoon. main bhi uska family friend hota to main support karta. Lekin wo Armaan ko kyu kuchh nahi bolte? Wo cheez mujhe khatakti hai...Tanishaa ko support karne se mujhe koi problem nahi hai. Salman se meri ko ladai nahi hai
hey kushal \n i have another Q.\ndid u meet apurwa and shilpa for the first time wen dey came as judges in ehmmbh or u knew dem since a long time?! :D
Kushal Tandon
I met Shilpa in a Diwali party, and Shilpa is my lady luck in card parties, and i won 60-70000 because of her.
what is the most valuable lesson big boss journey has thought you and what is the mos valuable gift it gave you
Kushal Tandon
Sab sikhaya hoon yaar
hi kushal..... u already have a girl friend Ellena i guess....\nthen why were u flirting with Gauhar in BB house...\nnow dont tell me u guyz were just friends as saying things like babu... kissin on forehead...\nHugging and all are not done btw friends :)
Kushal Tandon
Yaaaar...Im single, I have the right to flirt, Mujhe mazaa aata hai. Kissing and hugging are signs of care. When you're in BB house jahan bohot log hai..you cant talk to your family. Hug shows that im there for her. Meri gf Elena thi ya hai..i wont comment on that. Im single till i marry
Jazz rai
Did you ever think that you will get so much support from people?\nHow does it feel to know that so many people stood by you and are still with you?
Kushal Tandon
Trust me, jab main aaya, mujhe jo response mila logon se...raaste pe, its unbelievable, its become a national topic. Janta ko dikhta hai jab kuchh galat hota hai. Mujhe itna pyaar mil raha hai...wo trophy milne ke baad bhi nahi milti. Thank you
SaKshi Masand
Hi Kushal! How are you? I truly believe that what you difd during Tanisha's fight was justified but then why is she still in the house and you've been evicted? She too was violent and pushed you three times. And secondly, why did Gauahar return back to the bgig boss house as the stand taken by her was completely correct. Then why did she come back?
Kushal Tandon
She proved what she had to. I was right and thats why she came with me, not because she was my friend. Unko bola tha 50 lakhs ka fine pad sakta hai...but she still came. And she should go back to the same platform to prove herself
Ragini Kumari
Did u fight with Andy because of Gauhar's issue or was it because Andy said " Kushal -u dont look good and you dont have guts to stand against Salman Khan " ?? i mean was the clash took place because of your ego or gauhar??\n
Kushal Tandon
Salman is a senior, is a superstar, im his fan. I will listen to him, and bas. So it wasnt because of that
Kreasy M
if the "izzat" of Kamya, Pratyusha & Gauhar was at stake when Andy was doing his task, then y didn't those girls stop Andy right at that moment and warn him that he is crossing the line. Is the "task" more important for them than their "izzat" on national TV?
Kushal Tandon
Unhone task kiya, mujhe achha nahi laga, maine kiya. ill do it for my friends
Ragini Kumari
If you and gauhar are not in a relationship are you just using her to be in limelight as you started getting more attention from the time you got involved with Gauhar????
Kushal Tandon
Nothing like that. 15 log hai...3-4 logon se hi patti hai. We're compatible, we have fun. Jo pasand hai usse hi baat karenge
Swati Agarwal
Hmmm.. you will be answering in next half an hour... cool... just one question... you know that bigg boss is the game where all have to face harsh situations with all derogatory remarks, loud yelling and bear harsh criticism. That what makes the show popular and interesting. On the verge of this non-sense, the person who survives all of this and still not hits anyone or fights along with entertainment is the supposed winner. So my question is if you know this why do u not work to win this. I am 100% with u and u can win. So now if u go inside, what will be ur plan? isint Sangram good?
Kushal Tandon
I wont have any plan...ill sgtand for my friends