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Syed Farhahn Haider
Hi I am Talal from Pakistan. Please, tell me what is your qualification?
Karishma Kotak
iniially i wa sto be teacher as i love kids. will pursue in future
Lucky Sidhu
hi kari. You and nik are my fav..my question is that niketan was caring and at the same time behaved weirdly with you..was he jealous because of your friendship with other guys..
Karishma Kotak
I think he was more protective, so i guess he was jus being a good friend
Preet Brar
hi karishma this is preet from delhi..my question is that will you and nik will ever go on date again,as you both rocks!!!
Karishma Kotak
No, i wish i could give you some masala. But we don't see each other like that, we are just friends
Bhavesh Ahuja
Hello fair beauty,\n1st of all i really wana say ur a brave daddys girl to come back on show and ur reason to come back tht show must go on and he himself wanted you to try win this was noble and truthful! . Proud of u! . My question is how was ur karishma ka karishma experience when u came out with magic trick ? it was thrilling and plz do more gud quality work in future ur being loved by many for ur humble nature and "aap chindi nai ho" :) :)
Karishma Kotak
Thank you! I wanted to take care of my Mum and Brother, so this is a job for me. and it was a wonderful opportunity and thankful to Endemol to call me back. Eviction was very shocking, felt bad I didn't get to say goodbye but will meet everyone in finale
hey karishma.. how were the last 3 days out of the house?? whom r u missing??\n\nwhats ur opinion abt niketan?? is he genuine when he shares his opinion or is he conservative n plays a safe game??\n\nhow was ur bonding with urvashi n mink?? did u expect tht to happen when u went in after the break??
Karishma Kotak
1. Very hectic experience since I am out of the house. But I really missed my phone and bed and felt little weird after coming out of the house. Good to be home. I didn't expect to go out like this magically! 2. i really liked mink. 3. Niketan is not playing a game, he's like that only. 4. Really missed Siddhuji
Upasna Asthana
Hi Karishma! Do you think most of the fights in the BB house could have been avoided?\n
Karishma Kotak
When we live without family then it does get frustrating. and we didn't get all the facilities, so we have to earn things like food and water. So fights are bound to happen. but yes certain things are avoidable
hey karishma this is saurabh and i will be glad if u say hello to me and i want to know that will you meat santosh now???/miss u a lot
do you want to continue living in india?
Karishma Kotak
Yes. I have been living her from 5 yrs, hopefully will get more work and i love Mumbai
who is your most supportive friend in the bigg boss house except from niketan and why??
Karishma Kotak
Don't really know, who's supportive. initially Siddhuji and then Aseem. Now don't know
bijendra singh
Hi Karishma, I have a handful of questions for you.After looking you up i found you have done one movie in the south and a dance show too.Why did you stop doing movies in the south?I wanted to know besides Hindi and English, how many languages do you speak?Also,Where exactly are you from ?As in are you a mix of north and south India or somewhere else if so please mention and i got one more I read In BT you were not really into any of the men IN BB.However, If the world was about to end and you are the sole survivor and you've Niketan,Santosh,Dinesh,Aseem,Siddhuji and Vishal to chose from to start a new world who would you pick and why?.Thank you.:)
Karishma Kotak
1. I am still doing Tollywood movies. I love the South. I also do a lot of anchoring work. 2. gujurati. 3. London. 4. I think the world to come to an end. Can't choose any guy!!